Announcement from James Olson – VP of Human Resources, FirstOntario Credit Union!

“People Leadership eSSentials™ is about understanding who you are and what you are capable of.   At FirstOntario Credit Union we are embracing this simple yet effective philosophy by launching People Leadership eSSentials™ as our core foundational leadership program.  Using the new Everything DiSC Management Profile as the tool, participants are introduced to the essential components of leadership. 

Through engaging and interactive activities, the 2 days of learning are experiential, thought provoking and highly energizing. We have found the program to be enlightening and insightful for both new and tenured leaders. If you are considering a leadership program that can truly be embraced and impact a fundamental change in the way your people lead, then People Leadership eSSentials™ is for you!

The facilitation and design work of this workshop is first class and engages all participants throughout the two days. We have seen immediate results in the way that our leaders lead, communicate and interact with their teams. “

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